The best possible birth

Your natural childbirth with the assistance of the most experienced midwives with the highest satisfaction rate in the province of Malaga.


We assist you before, during and after giving birth.

We are a group of experienced midwives, located in Malaga, united since 2010 to provide support and care for home births.

Possible, legal and safe

The experience of giving birth at home

Bringing a child into the world in the privacy of your home, without rushing, respecting the normal pace of each stage of labor, in the position that each woman considers most comfortable, even in the water, and having the people of your choice as your companions, results in a lower rate of postnatal complications and, above all, in greater satisfaction for both partners.

No rush

Respecting a normal rhythm throughout the labor and delivery process


Having as companions the people you want

More mobility

In the position you find most comfortable

Less intervention

Results in lower postnatal complication rate

Family support

Cultivate family bonding and wellbeing

The greatest benefit of home birth lies not only in the comfort and familiarity of one’s surroundings, but also in the profound opportunity for family bonding.

As the touching image shows, the intimate act of breastfeeding strengthens the mother-child relationship, while the father’s loving embrace fosters a sense of unity and support. Home birth allows for an uninterrupted and serene environment, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility that nurtures the natural connection between parents and their newborn.

In this precious moment, the power of home birth emerges, allowing families to create strong and lasting bonds that will shape their lives for years to come.

The miracle of life manifested

A captivating home birth story

Parto - Caro - 20bn
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Our Team

The Midwives

Caro - Matrona

Carolina López Francisco

Midwife and anthropologist

Tanti - Matrona

Tanti Santos Méndez


Elisa - Matrona

Elisa Gargaglione


What we offer

We support you in


Pregnancy care

We know that the arrival of a new baby is always an important event in a woman’s life, but sometimes doubts, lack of experience, contradictory messages from the environment can cloud this wonderful moment.

We accompany you in the follow-up of your pregnancy with consultations, home visits and solving all your doubts.

Pre parto

Home birth

The home birth option should always be offered to all women with a normal pregnancy.

Home birth offers the possibility of living the whole process in a familiar and intimate environment that favors self-confidence and empowerment of the woman to give birth.

Mama y bebe

After delivery care

The first days after childbirth can be the hardest of the postpartum period for both the mother and the family because it is a period of adaptation.

We offer you the support you need so that you can live this stage with peace of mind and confidence, enjoying more the arrival of your new baby.

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